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Ever wish you had beautiful nails, but all you find are products that give you an artificial look which does not last very long and are cumbersome to apply?

Let me introduce you to the Impact Nails Systems a new technology that offers long wearability, low toxicity, natural aesthetics, fast application and superior workability. Impact Nails Systems deliver the optimum balance of performance objectives needed by today's busy women.

With Impact Nails you will have an easier and faster application, no damage to the natural nail, cost effective, anti-fungal, flexible as silk and fiber, excellent shine, touch-ups are quick and simple with no need of added supplies. We have a superior product that allows you to create: French Tip, Gel Tip, Acrylic and Gel, Fiber Glass, Silk Tip and Acrigel .

With Impact Nails you can offer your customers a better performing product which reduces application time without cutting back on quality. Introduce your clients to the Impact Nails Systems and make an impact on your business. Impact Nails, where the quality goes in before the product goes out .